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Curetech eHealth

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring

Welcome. We’re Curetech eHealth, and we’re disrupting the Sports Monitoring Market with our groundbreaking solutions. Curetech eHealth develops medical wearable solutions to power the next generation of telemedicine systems. The value that Curetech eHealth delivers to this market is the ability to dramatically improve the accuracy, sensitivity, and robustness of a range of different wearable sensors, with the aim of reducing healthcare costs. Curetech eHealth’s technology enables the development of wearable devices that can provide continuous remote monitoring of vital signs while in motion. It is committed to providing software solutions for a critical hardware problem that affects millions of athletes worldwide. With a cost-effective remote patient monitoring system developed by Curetech eHealth, athletes can save time, money, and effort while monitoring vital signs.

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Who We Are

Curetech eHealth Inc. is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for continuous remote patient (athlete) monitoring. We provide high-quality, low-cost wearable sensors to monitor vital signs (skin temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate) as the athlete is on the move. Curetech eHealth establishes baseline measurements for athletes with chronic diseases to keep them healthy and manage their clinical data with telemedicine technology. The baseline provides accurate testing of athletes' performance for teams, clubs, schools, and organizations, using the latest technology and equipment that enables healthcare providers (physicians) to provide accurate assessment and implement a smart treatment plan for athletes. 


What We DO

Curetech eHealth’s products mainly focus on IoT edge computing technology and telemedicine. Our technological invention is the use of an efficient low-cost sensor system that can provide non-invasive blood pressure measurements while moving. Unlike the traditional blood pressure monitor cuffs that are complex and don't offer a continuous remote blood pressure monitoring feature while running, walking, or exercising, our cuffless monitoring solution employs a robust sensor calibration model that can measure blood pressure with high accuracy while in motion. Curetech eHealth provides efficient wearable sensing platforms (smartwatch, smart patch) that can capture high-quality PPG-ECG signals on the move, and deliver data to an IoT edge device (smartphone) for predicting blood pressure that is then transmitted to a physician via the cloud for analysis.

Our Technology

Sensor System Components

Medical Wearable Sensors (Smartwatch, Smart Patch)

Software Product Suite

(iOS, Android) 

PPG-ECG Data Module

Configuration Tools

eHealth App


Technical Support​


Wearable Solutions

Our solutions provide a performance baseline, so that each tested athlete, together with coaches, can develop a plan and path towards the continuous improvement of sports performance.

Outdoor Fitness

Our complete suite of sensors are optimized to capture continuous vitals and meet minimum hardware requirements. Curetech eHealth uses IoT edge computing technology to remotely monitor clinical data of athletes while being in motion, where the PPG smartwatch or PPG-ECG patch collects vital signals to detect blood pressure (by a smartphone) to be then transmitted to the physician via the cloud for medical analysis. 

Image by Onur Binay
PPG Smartwatch | ECG-PPG Patch 
  • Continuous data capture

  • Monitoring multiple vitals and parameters (including blood pressure) with high data accuracy while in motion

  • ECG-PPG patch is reusable and rechargeable

  • Small in size, easy to use, comfortable, confident, free from wires and constant interruptions 

  • Low power consumption

  • Saving time, money, and effort while monitoring vitals

  • Equipped with telemedicine services

  • IoT cloud-enabled via smartphone

  • Intended for clinical and fitness applications 

Running at the Beach
Heart Rate
Blood pressure


The market we care in consists of the development of medical wearable devices that allow our partners (athlete performance testing companies and healthcare providers) to track and monitor the vital signs of athletes in real-time from a distance and use them in a treatment plan.

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1500 West Georgia St. Suite 1300

Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6, Canada


(604) 687-5356

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