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Curetech BP Watch


With Curetech’s optical PPG-based BP watch, blood pressure can be measured during and after exercise with high accuracy (3-4mmHg), where medical-grade sensors meet sleek and stylish design.

Continuous Monitoring

Your BP can be continuously monitored 24 hours a day with the Curetech watch.

User Friendly

The Curetech BP watch is easy-to-use and simple. Saving time and effort while monitoring BP. No inflatable BP cuff within the watch. Regular calibration with the BP cuff monitor is not required.


The Curetech BP watch is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.


Curetech’s app lets you share your blood pressure data with your sports medicine specialist via the Cloud and follow their treatment plan to prevent exercise hypertension.

Health Data

With the Curetech’s BP watch and app, you can continuously track your BP, HR, HRV, RR, SpO2, stress, activity, and sleep quality.

Here’s a goal you can accomplish today

Every sport you select, your blood pressure is automatically monitored.

Optimize your exercise routine for better health

Get accurate optical blood pressure tracking (3-4 mmHg) with Curetech BP Watch and Curetech App for over 150 sports.

Improve your daily exercise routine to achieve blood pressure goals.

Easily share insights with your sports medicine specialist to adjust your weekly workout schedule to avoid exercise hypertension.

Give your physician the data they need to adjust medicine titration.

Track your blood pressure while choosing any sport you want

Curetech’s App helps you track an accurate blood pressure reading and avoid hypertension while exercising. Your sports medicine specialist can monitor the effectiveness of your current hypertension management program using the Curetech app.

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