Measurement in Motion

Automatic 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitoring

Every sport you select, your blood pressure is automatically monitored with Curetech’s smart BP monitor.

Our Mission

Curetech E-Health’s mission is to provide innovative products and services that help people live their lives free from hypertension. Curetech invented a smart BP monitor that monitors your blood pressure continuously and accurately at rest and during exercise.

 Smart BP Monitor


Why you’ll love it 


Easy to use, versatile, comfortable, accurate and continuous blood pressure tracking- no matter where you wear it.

Optical BP Sensor

Four-Way Wearable


Track your blood pressure continuously with Curetech smart BP monitor in four different wearing options

                                       Wristband                                                                       Armband

                                        Back Patch                                                                     Back Strap


For accuracy, the Curetech BP Wristband is the best choice. With the wristband, your blood pressure is continuously monitored with high accuracy (3-4 mmHg) allowing for timely detection and control of exercise hypertension. 


You can view and record your workouts with this blood pressure monitor that provides maximum freedom of movement. The Curetech BP Armband is also highly accurate during exercise, just like the Curetech BP Wristband.

Back Strap

When you exercise, maybe you don’t want to wear a wristband or armband. The Curetech BP back strap is ideal for any sport. It monitors your blood pressure continuously during exercise with a high level of accuracy (5-6 mmHg).

Back Patch

The Curetech BP Back Patch is the next option if you don’t like wearing the back strap. Versatility, accuracy, comfort, and simplicity are all present in the back patch. For any sport you choose, you can continuously monitor your blood pressure with high accuracy with the Curetech Back Patch.


Versatile wearable monitor 

The Curetech smart BP monitor is a versatile, lightweight, small, and extremely durable. You can use the PPG blood pressure monitor as a wristband, armband, back patch, or back strap to continuously monitor your blood pressure and prevent exercise-hypertension.

Your health in one place

Whether you wear the Curetech wristband, armband, back patch, or back strap, your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, activity, stress, and sleep are continuously and accurately monitored, allowing you to gain real-time insights and live a healthier lifestyle.

How to take care of your team

Curetech’s healthcare platform allows you to track and analyze an athlete’s blood pressure, training, fitness, activity, and recovery.



Curetech’s medical-grade BP monitor can provide automatic and 24/7 continuous monitoring of blood pressure with high accuracy (3-7 mmHg) during rest and exercise.


Curetech’s smart BP monitor can be worn on the wrist, arm, or back and can be used for medical and fitness applications.

User Friendly

Comfortable and consumer friendly. Less effort to measure blood pressure. Saving time and effort while monitoring BP. No inflatable cuff is required for the wristband. No frequent calibration with cuff.

Health Data

The PPG BP monitor not only tracks your blood pressure, but also your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress, and sleep quality.


Exercise hypertension can be continuously monitored remotely by your sports medicine specialist through Curetech App.  

Tech Specs

Battery Life: Long battery life | Water resistance: Waterproof | Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy | Compatibility: Compatible with Android and Apple phones.

Curetech App

The Curetech app provides you with a clear and simple breakdown of your 24/7 blood pressure readings, so you can take a proactive approach to control your hypertension when exercising. The app works in tandem with our smart BP monitor wristwatch, armband, back patch or strap to provide insights you and your sports medicine specialist need to stay in control of your blood pressure and move towards a life free from exercise hypertension.

How the Curetech App works?

You can choose from over 150 activities.

Track your BP in Motion

Track your blood pressure while choosing any sport you want


Pick any sport in Curetech App and track your blood pressure. Curetech’s App helps you track an accurate blood pressure reading and avoid hypertension while exercising.


Make your training smarter, not harder

Using the Curetech smart BP monitor, you can translate your body’s data into information that helps you improve your training and prevent injuries.

With Curetech app, you can share your BP data and other vitals with your sports medicine specialist and follow their treatment plan to prevent exercise hypertension.